10 best Mavrodi death memes from satisfied Nigerians (SUN)

10 best Mavrodi death memes from satisfied Nigerians (SUN)

Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi is a name that for many Nigerians will live in infamy alongside a rogues’ gallery of history’s greatest crooks and swindlers. At least that was the general sentiment that followed news that the infamous Russian financial fraudster and pyramid schemer had died of a heart attack in Moscow on Monday, March 26.

Because many Nigerians at the height of the country’s recession in 2016 had bought into Mavrodi’s MMM get-rich-quick scheme, making and losing entire livelihoods before its final collapse, reactions to his death on social media were, well,… hilariously positive, at least judging by the number of Twitter memes bearing the hashtag #Mavordi. Read more

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