March 23, 2019

10 damaging things Saraki and Bolaji Abdullahi said about APC after defection – Goddey Odin

10 damaging things Saraki and Bolaji Abdullahi said about APC after defection – Goddey Odin

Bukola Saraki’s defection from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) did not come as a surprise to many Nigerians, particularly political analysts who could see that the Senate president’s heart had always been in the PDP even while carrying APC’s membership card.

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018 Bukola Saraki, via his official Twitter handle, announced his exit from the APC after “extensive consultations”.

After Bukola Saraki’s defection, it was widely expected that Bolaji Abdullahi, being his loyalist, would follow suit. There were widespread reports on Tuesday that Abdullahi, who was the party’s National Publicity Secretary, had done just that, but he vehemently denied it. However, on Wednesday, he confirmed his exit from the ruling party.

The followings are 10 damaging things Saraki and Abdullahi said about APC:

  1. APC learnt nothing from its victory in the  2015 election.
  2. There are certain elements and forces within the APC who have ensured that the minimum conditions for peace, cooperation, inclusion and a general sense of belonging did not exist. They have done everything to ensure that the basic rules of party administration, which should promote harmonious relations among the various elements within the party were blatantly disregarded.
  3. All governance principles which were required for a healthy functioning of the party and the government were deliberately violated or undermined.
  4. The party does not believe in justice, equity and fairness as the basic precondition for peace and unity, not only within the party but also the country at large.
  5. The party’s NWC has taken sides, violated its oath office and subverted its own credibility as an impartial arbiter.
  6. The party has normalised vulgar abuse and verbal aggression, cheap lies and crude propaganda as politics, and celebrated as measures of competence.
  7. From the crises in the party, it is obvious that APC does not have the ability to manage crises.
  8. The APC’s populist notion of anti-corruption fight is a ready weapon for silencing any form of dissent and for framing even principled objection as “corruption fighting back”.
  9. APC is a microcosm of the larger Nigeria where issues are tackled when there are very little or no chances of remedy. They are never proactive.
  10. There are some members in the party leadership hierarchy, who do not think dialogue is the way forward and therefore choose to play the fifth columnists.


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