March 27, 2019

10 Different Reactions from People After Watching Wizkid’s ‘Fever’

10 Different  Reactions from People After Watching Wizkid’s ‘Fever’

It is no longer news that Wizkid’s controversial video ‘fever’ with Tiwa Savage has broken the internet and it is still making headlines on every social media spectrum. The song is on everyone’s lips and everybody has something to say about the video.

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The sensual embrace between Tiwa and Wizkid could have been seen as inappropriate, hence some are offended because Tiwa is married to Tee Billz and Wizkid has numerous baby mama drama. Nonetheless, the deed is done and the artwork is already on the internet, we are about to see ten different reactions from people after watching the Wizkid’s video.

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  1. The Ones that were Shocked: Some people were amazed to have woken up to a raunchy music video that includes Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. They have decided to carry the entire issue on their head.

2. The Ones that lost respect for Tiwa: Tiwa Savage is way older than Wizkid, she is a married woman with a child. A lot of people have come to accept that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are more than friends.

3. The Ones that are Indifferent: Some people don’t just care, they saw the video for only entertainment and wouldn’t give their opinion or perspective.

4. The Ones that think it’s a publicity Stunt: The primary aim of entertainment is first to enthrall the audience with captivating images then get them to talk about it. Some people saw it as a public relation stunt.

5. The Ones that want a ‘bestie’ relationship: Some people want to find a friend that will cuddle them and be intimate with them like the lovebirds embraced each other in the video. They want a chemistry like Tiwa and Wizkid.

6. The Ones that have concluded: It has been rumored overtime that Wizkid and Tiwa were dating and immediately after this video, some people drew the curtain and concluded that there is definitely more to their relationship.

7. The Ones that Came to Laugh: Although it was a serious music video, some people could not believe their eyes and had to laugh the concept of the video.

8. The Ones that came to laugh at Tiwa’s husband: A lot of came at Tiwa Savage’s husband Tee Billz and none of the comments turned out to be nice.

9. The Ones that See it as simply Showbiz: Tiwa and Wizkid are best friends and there seem to be nothing wrong since its entertainment business. They were just simply supporting each other’s project, let’s take it from this perspective.

10. The Ones that came to drop relationship advice: Some people simply came to drop relationship advice then walk away. They are neither here nor there, but they believe as adults, the duo should be in charge of their affairs.



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