10 killed in Biafra protest

10 killed in Biafra protest

Ten people including two police officers died in the latest protests Wednesday over renewed demands for a Biafran state to secede from Nigeria’s southeast, police and a protest leader said.

Such protests were banned last month by southern governors concerned by the increasing violence around new demands for a Biafran state, a cause that prompted a 1960s civil war that killed 1 million people.

It comes as Nigeria’s president of five months, Muhammadu Buhari, is preoccupied with containing a 6-year-old northeastern Islamic uprising by Boko Haram that has spread across Nigeria’s borders and killed an estimated 20,000 people.

Police Deputy Superintendent Ali Okechukwu said he has reports that at least two officers were killed when protesters opened fire Wednesday in Onitsha city of Anambra state. Read more

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