10 Most Popular Nigerian Food To Love

10 Most Popular Nigerian Food To Love

Nigerians are proud of their culture especially the part of Food. Nigerian food  consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. It uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavored sauces and soups.

Here are some delicacies you will love:

Jollof Rice


Jollof rice is one of the most common dishes in Nigeria.

The basic profile for Nigerian jollof rice includes long grain parboiled rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, pepper, vegetable oil, onions and stock cubes. Most of the ingredients are cooked in one pot, of which a fried tomato and pepper puree characteristically forms the base. Rice is then added and left to cook in the liquid.

The dish can be served with the following: fried plantains,moi moi, steamed vegetables, coleslaw, salad, etc.


Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the most widely eaten Nigerian food; it is accepted by almost every Nigerian home and in Diaspora.


Rice and Stew

The delight of every home especially on Sunday’s (SUNDAY RICE)


Coconut Rice

The only difference between the usual jollof rice and this is the use of coconut milk; it changes the taste and impairs the color slightly.


Fufu and Oha


(Ora) Oha soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria. It is a very traditional soup cooked with Oha leaves.


Amala and Efo Riro

Efo Riro is a very popular Yoruba soup in Nigeria, it is one of my favorite Nigerian soups because of its health benefits. The name ‘efo’ means vegetables, hence it is a Yoruba rich vegetable soup/stew. You won’t wanna miss this.


Eba and Egusi

The delicious egusi soup goes very well when eaten with eba, if you fancy a fulfilling meal made out of egusi soup with eba which is ideal for lunch or dinner.


Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Taushe

This is one of the delicacies enjoyed by the Hausa’s. Tuwo Shinkafa is a northern Nigerian fufu recipe that is prepared with the soft rice variety

Starch and Banga

Banga stew is native to the Igbos and usually served with boiled white rice. While banga soup (as in this case) goes with starch, eba or fufu common with the Niger Delta Region.


Beans and Plantain

Beans is a body building food because it is extremely high in protein plus it is a great source of fiber, vitamin B, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and zinc very affordable. It can be served with plantain or Bread.


PepperSoup (Goat, Chicken and Fish)


Peppersoup is one of the most delicious Nigerian foods. Catfish pepper soup is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria.


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