10 most romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s day

10 most romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s day

We have all been waiting for February, it’s the month of love and we are really excited to see what is in store this year.

Some couple go out while others prefer to spend the day indoors.

If you have no plan for Valentines, this is what you can do; watch romantic movies and cook all the food you enjoy eating.


Below are the most romantic movies to watch:



Mr. and Mrs – Susan is the low self-esteem wife that her husband undervalues.

However, when she summoned the courage to face her fears, she found a new confidence that shocked him.



The Royal Hibiscus Hotel -The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is a romantic comedy about a couple, Segun and Rose Adeniyi, who run a charming, but run-down, boutique hotel in a little town in Lagos, Nigeria.

In desperation, Segun decides to sell the hotel without his wife’s knowledge, as a way of settling all their debts.

Their daughter, Opeoluwa, is living in London, working a dead-end job while trying to open her own restaurant. When Ope decides to return to Nigeria, Mom and Dad are elated for different reasons.

Dad wants her to sign the papers to sell the hotel she is destined to inherit, while Mom can’t wait to marry her off.

Meanwhile, Ope meets Deji, a charming young businessman with a secret that threatens her plans to restore the hotel’s fortunes.

Can love survive deception and will Ope manage to fulfill her dreams?



…When Love Happens – A wedding planner fees the clock ticking on her own chance to get married.

Constantly striking out, she starts online dating and finally finds gets lucky in love.



Lara and the Beat – A coming of age movie about the young and beautiful Giwa sisters caught in the center of a financial scandal with their late parents’ media empire.

The sisters are forced out of their privileged bubble and must learn to build their own future and salvage their family’s past.



Flower Girl – is a 2013 Nigerian romantic comedy film set and shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

 It revolves around a story of Kemi (Damilola Adegbite) who is dying to get married to Umar (Chris Attoh); a young man who is desperate to get ahead in his career.

When their relationship hits troubled waters, Kemi seeks the help of movie superstar Tunde (Blossom Chukwujekwu) and they hatch a plan to get Kemi what she wants.



Titanic – the tragic tale of rose and jack is one that will leave forever.

All Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had to do was board a glamorous ship and fall in love.

But of course, James Cameron wasn’t going to make it easy for us.

The movie’s fiery romance is worth every second of the three hours and 14 minutes’ runtime.

And how about that Celine Dion soundtrack? Goosebumps!



The Proposal- What would you do if your female colleague convinced you to marry her because it will be mutual benefits?

A Canadian editor-in-chief of a publishing house (played by Sarah Bullock) learns that she may face deportation from the US because of her expired visa.

She convinces her assistant (played by Ryan Reynolds) to temporarily act as her fiancé in order to retain her position.

The end part is the most rewarding moment ever.



A walk to remember – If you miss your teenage years then this is the perfect movie to watch.

The story follows the odd teenage romance of a rogue high school senior and an awkward girl.

Their relationship is one of discovery and inspiration and it truly makes you fall in love.

The ending is also a little tragic but it’s filled with hope.



How to lose a guy in 10 days- An advice columnist wants to break up with a man in 10 days so as to push the boundaries of what she can write.

An executive on the other end is confident that he can make a woman fall for him in 10 days.

The best-laid plans of mice and men…or should we say of Kate Hudson and Matthew McCaughey.

A predictable rom-com but hilarious and sweet nonetheless.


Valentine’s day- Duh! It might not be considered a classic rom-com but the all-star cast which includes the likes of Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway is not bad Valentine’s day company is it?

The movie weaves a satisfying of the expectations, highs and lows of what Valentine’s day bring forth.



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