10 Reasons why dogs are great for couples (Relationship.womenfirst)

10 Reasons why dogs are great for couples (Relationship.womenfirst)

We’re a nation of pet lovers so it comes as no surprise that dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend. Not only are they great company around the home and perfect for encouraging exercise but it’s also believed that dogs can improve your relationship. Check out the top 10 reasons below for why dogs are great for couples:

Dogs make us nicer people, lifting our spirits when we’re down meaning we’re much more likely to be pleasant when we get home from a busy day in the office.

There’s a reason why offices have started encouraging employees to bring their dogs to work as even stroking a dog can help to reduce our stress levels. Imagine how relaxed you and your partner would be if you had access to canine cuddles 24/7!

Having a dog encourages you to interact socially with other people which makes us happier overall. And when we’re happy our relationships are much more likely to flourish. Read more

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