March 22, 2019

SabiList: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Exercise Routine

SabiList: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Exercise Routine



Prior information is key before jumping into routines. Especially If you care about keeping the momentum going strong. Nobody wants to start and then stop altogether. De-exercise refers to that regressive state of health people who have always been exercise buffs fall into when they break from the routine for too long.

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What do you need to know before you begin your exercise routines? Here’s a good list to consult

  • It takes time

Results don’t happen overnight. Whatever your goal is, you will need time to achieve it. Knowing and accepting this is vital to staying focused and keeping your vibe positive when the workouts start getting more challenging. Throw out all you’ve heard about 21-day plans and 6-week routines. It’s simply marketing, not reality.

  • Progress is Gradual

Here is a truth many people hate and if you don’t know it, it’s likely going to mess with your whole progress. Progress in the form of strength, exercise form, physical growth signs that you are working out or even fitness level is gradual. Embrace the fact of small incremental gains. The small drops will make an ocean in the future. Don’t go too fast, too quick, take your time. Slow and steady is a better approach. Do today’s workout and repeat with similar or even greater intensity on other days and watch things change.

  • Stretch

This is usually overlooked, but it is critical to making something of your exercise routine. Stretch before and after workouts to prepare your muscles for stress and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Remember, if you don’t make time to stretch before workouts, you are making out time for injuries.

  • Figure out your Nutrition


The hardest thing to do is to manage food cravings and make healthy nutritional choices. It’s even more difficult than strenuous weight exercises at the gym. You can’t work out all the calories you eat, so if you are really serious about exercise, you need to imbibe the practice of mindful eating.

  • Have a clear goal

There are many layers to fitness and different people are drawn to it for different reasons. Take out time to know what catches your fancy. This way, you spend the bulk of your time doing programs that help you get there faster. Don’t waste time doing what every other person is doing. Fitness is about liberation and personal growth. Focus on you.

  • It’s you versus you

The journey is yours and no other persons. Check your progress against your own records, not that of another person. Many people lose their spirit to keep at their routines when they make others their markers of growth. Your effort yesterday is the only marker you need to note your progress for today.

  • Find a Supportive Community

Invest time in finding a gym that suits you or join a group that will help you stick with the routines. Make friends who will encourage your newfound exercise habits. The programs will tax your pain receptors and you will feel like giving up many times. If you’ve invested in finding a supportive community, it would be harder to quit.

  • Rest is Key to Growth

Many Noobs have sabotaged their own progress by forcing gains through too frequent workout routines with no rest in-between. Accept rest days. Your body experiences the growth you so crave during this time. Let it happen.

  • It’s More Mental than it is physical

Embrace the mental part of doing exercise. While the motions require physical exertion, the will to do them comes from within. A weak mind will never achieve impressive results. An undisciplined person will never make progress. Prepare your mind for the work, you will need it.

  • Do it for the right reason

Your reason for starting on a path of fitness matters. Make sure the motive is pure and sincere. It will keep you going on the occasions when life hits you hard and threatens your dedication to the fitness lifestyle. Some days. Exercise routines are fun. Other days they are for health. Sometimes though, it’s therapy.


Embrace all the spectrum of feelings exercise routines bring with it. To be forewarned will arm you to make exercise a worthwhile obsession.






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