March 20, 2019

10 Ways To Get Your Diet Back On Track

10 Ways To Get Your Diet Back On Track


Dieting isn’t easy, for anyone really. The body fights it. It takes mental discipline to stick to. But if you are serious about your health goals, then there’s no compromising on it. Now, it’s only expected you may fall off the healthy eating wagon. Here are things to do to get you back on track.

  1. Start now

Okay, you didn’t stick to the program. Stop stewing over it and get right back to it, today. A potent vice that sabotages workouts is guilt; over no discipline, over mistakes made in the process of building up etc. focus on the fact you’ve started down a healthy path. Begin a billion times again even if you fail every so often.

  1. Drink Water

Do it religiously. Drink water like your eternal salvation is tied to it. Water aids digestion and makes for a better metabolism process. But it also fills the intestines and reduces the amount of actual calorie-heavy foods we consume.

  1. Plan each meal

Don’t diet off the cuff. That’s the quickest way to lose track of your calorie count and over or under eat. Make a simple plan that breaks the days down into your important meals. This way, the burden of deciding what to eat is taken out of the equation. Once it stops being a chore, you increase the likelihood of success.

  1. Eat

One major mistake people make when dieting is to starve themselves. That’s the most counterproductive thing you could do. Eat when you should, every time you should. Don’t starve yourself. It only amounts to uncontrolled snacking of usually high calorie but low volume foods. It also prevents you from overeating later.

  1. Revisit Your Food Journal and repeat a Good Week

We don’t need to explain this one. It is advice based on a simple principle of ‘If it worked, do it again.’ It also takes the stress off finding a new plan. Redo a good week.

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  1. Remind yourself how far you’ve come

Thinking about the progress you’ve made is a good way to continue in the good work. We can be our harshest critics so make sure to use objectives markers to determine how much progress has been made. Keeping a detailed dieting  and fitness journal would help with this.

  1. Move

Expend some of that energy. Activity is a key factor in staying fit regardless of what the specific goal is. So make sure to move in whatever way you can manage.


  1. Don’t Wallow in Self-pity

The story is what you’ve heard about plenty times, it may have even happened to you. You started out excited and stuck with the program, at least until you failed the first day. A day turned into a week and then a month until it becomes a distant memory. Avoid this, by recommitting as soon as you slip. Don’t let a bad week turn into a bad month.

  1. Eat Vegetables

Include veggies in everything you eat; from the crunchy to the leafy. Vegetables are mostly high volume, low-calorie foods. They are best to ensure satiation and barely impact weight to either extreme. Moreover, they are also very healthy dieting options

  1. Repeat Tomorrow.

It’s called a habit for a reason. Continuity is what assures the results you crave. So take it one day at a time but bear in mind it’s a long process. Take all the above to heart and try again tomorrow to do them.

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