11 children infected with Ebola in southern Guinea

11 children infected with Ebola in southern Guinea

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched an emergency in southern Guinea following information that 11 suspected cases of children infected with Ebola virus have been reported, three of whom have already died.

In an effort to prevent the severe, often-fatal disease from spreading further, UNICEF has reportedly rushed in to deliver much needed health supplies to the most affected areas, a report posted on the organization’s website stated. The latest information is being exacerbated by the death of the fifth Ebola patient last Tuesday in Southeast Guinea, which has triggered concerns of possible spread of the virus’ recent flare-up.

The recent flare-up prompted the Liberian Government to shut its borders with Guinea following reports that the latest Ebola outbreak could made its way across the borders. The newest death of the fifth Ebola patient was reported in the Macenta prefecture, which is approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the community of Koropara, where the four earlier mortalities were detected. How the four people contracted the virus remains unclear, but it is worthy to note that Koropara refused the efforts of battling the onset of Ebola. Read more

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