The Condom Industry – An Ever Thriving Market

The Condom Industry – An Ever Thriving Market

The Nigerian market, with its highs and lows, remains a good one for the makers of condoms. It seems continually sought after as more players come into the fray.

The dip in economy has not affected the volume of sales at any time. In fact, according to a recent report from the Society for Family Health (SFH), Nigerians use an estimated number of 400 million condoms annually.

The growing youth population and increase in reproductive health awareness among couples and young Nigerians could be the reason for this surge.

Condoms are sheath-shaped barrier devices used during sexual intercourse. They reduce the chances of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

The condom market in Nigeria is filled with several brands. The most popular among them are Gold Circle, Durex, Fiesta, Rough-Rider, Flex, Trojan, and Kiss, just to mention few. Female condoms are also available in the market. Most Nigerian women have remained oblivious to this.

With the male condoms however, there is an intense battle for market share. At the top of the hierarchy are Gold Circle and Durex slugging it out. Though the likes of Fiesta, Flex, and Rough Rider still give a good swing in market share, the condom customer base is largely shared between Gold Circle and Durex.

Analysis of the market


The strength of this market is the great number of the youth and the ever increasing awareness. Also the continually improved quality in factors like scent, lubrication, texture, resilience, raises the confidence in patronizing the condom market. Using modern latex and machinery has enabled manufacturers to produce condoms of high quality and minimal breakage.


As high as the patronage is, there are still many Nigerians who do not believe in its use. Especially in the rural areas where they are encumbered by their own poor habits and tradition. In other cases, some users have complained about breakage when using particular brands. Most women have also not been sensitized enough about the female condom.


The chances of turning in a profit are very high. This is because of the massive youth population in the country, and increased reproductive health awareness. This has boosted the sales of condoms in the country. Consumers continue to demand variants that will meet their needs.


There are cultural and religious doctrines that do not encourage the use of condoms. Inadequate health education among the young population especially in rural areas pose further threats to the market.



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