15 quick tips to stay happy

15 quick tips to stay happy

Are you feeling down, or stressed out from life in general? Are you just feeling like everything is kind of bleh?

Maybe you’re even beating yourself up about it. Everyone feels blue sometimes, and it’s okay! But it’s also easy to get stuck in a loop of sadness, and that’s no good either.

Here are fifteen tips to get your mood up and keep you happy.

  1. Make Someone Else Smile
  2. Enjoy The Silence
  3. Don’t Worry So Much About What Other People Think
  4. Take Time To Dream
  5. Sometimes It’s Okay To Disagree
  6. Don’t Waste Time Hating People
  7. Stay In Touch With People Who Make You Happy
  8. Get Enough Sleep
  9. Don’t Dwell On The Past
  10. Try New Things
  11. Stop Trying To Control Everything
  12. Learn to Say “No” Sometimes
  13. Don’t Waste Time Being Jealous
  14. Be Honest About Your Feelings
  15. Remember That Things Change


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