March 25, 2019

2.4 Million Muslims take part in 2018 Hajj (Independent)

2.4 Million Muslims take part in 2018 Hajj (Independent)

No fewer than 2,371,675 took part in the 2018 hajj operation in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the information made available by the authorities of the Kingdom, the number included locals and foreigners who traveled for the last pillar of Islam from across the world.

The number included 85,626 who travelled by land;  16,163 who travelled by sea and 1, 656, 936 pilgrims who travelled by plane. Out of those who arrived by air, the authority said 900, 354 pilgrims arrived via King Abdul Aziz airport; 646,106 arrived via Ameer Muhammad airport; 12 pilgrims arrived via King Fahd airport; 421 pilgrims arrived via King Khalid airport and 2,092 pilgrims arrived via Taif Airport. Read more


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