2 courtroom dramas leave Trump’s presidency on a cliffhanger (CNN)

2 courtroom dramas leave Trump’s presidency on a cliffhanger (CNN)

It was like binge-watching history as two of the President’s men went down.

A twisting saga of intertwined legal plots and human drama dripping with hubris, vengeance, betrayal and defiance suddenly combined Tuesday in a frenetic, barely believable burst that left Donald Trump’s presidency stained by a tide of crime and corruption.
Michael Cohen, the Trump clan’s attack dog, and Paul Manafort, the ultimate Washington swamp creature with the ostrich skin jacket, paid dearly for their association with their former boss in near-simultaneous convictions that will mean years in jail.
Trump’s riotous, rule-breaking political career is often compared to the voyeurism of a reality show — a perfect forum for his spinning of alternative truths and narratives. Read more

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