March 20, 2019

2019 Resolutions: Nosy people, hold your horses this year

2019 Resolutions: Nosy people, hold your horses this year


Now that we are back to our normal routines, shall we assemble here and put things back in order? Don’t stress, I am not about to start lecturing people about how January should be treated with a lot of care. After all it’s not their first January in life. I am here so that we can reason together on what really isn’t our business.

I am actually talking about those of us whose noses are ever in other peoples’ affairs. 

Anyway, we were talking about those who spent the better part of their December holidays venting about others. The biggest culprits are those who filled our timelines complaining about cars they know nothing about.

I mean, if you think that me hiring a car to go visit my folks is a waste of money and resources, how about you concentrate on your own money?

We saw you elongating your long lips twisting them like Nigerian mothers-in-law whenever you saw someone with a vehicle in their rural home.



My friend, you didn’t pay for the hired cars and you don’t own the roads they cruised on. You didn’t drive the cars either and they definitely weren’t parked in your home. Yet you find it mature to spare some time and talk ill of the bearer.

Let’s all agree on one thing if you don’t have anything to whine about this year yet you feel the urge to do so, just visit Heros Park Owerri and try pulling down Rochas Statues. I hope that will keep you busy enough till Easter holidays.


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Then we saw those of you whose main agenda was to scrutinize the backgrounds of the photos we uploaded online.

If I upload a photo of myself standing, only a nosy human being will ignore my state-of-the-art legs that I inherited from my mother and look at the grass-thatched hut behind me then make a story out of it.

Is that grass-thatched hut built on your piece of land? Are you the one living in it?

If you made good use of your sharp eyes, maybe you could do the world some good by supplying binoculars that can receive orders verbally and respond as required.

I know how hard it is for us to mind our own business but shall we all agree to at least try this year? I will not even talk about those who think they know the stuff well than everyone else.

Those who took the cup this time are those who never went anywhere but kept condemning those who traveled. They kept reminding them January is around the corner.

My friend, if I can plan to travel, it means I understand the months of the year and I am aware that January comes after December. Are we together? Happy New Year!


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