Girl commits murder over dirty plates

Girl commits murder over dirty plates

black woman with knifeWhen 21 year old Omasan Ogbe woke up on Tuesday morning, she had no idea she would be arrested for killing her younger brother before the end of the day. What started as sibling rivalry ended up as a tragic incident.

Omasan, who neighbours described as the family tomboy had a fight with her younger brother, Laju over who would wash the dishes. Laju refused to wash the dishes, saying he had fetched water into the drums in the house. His refusal to wash the dishes turned to a brawl, in which he floored Omasan.

Omasan, mad that her younger brother floored her, chased him outside the compound, but not before taking a knife from the kitchen. When she caught up with him outside, she stabbed him in the chest.

The neighbours also said Omasan and Laju fought almost every day, but they’d always settle. They thought it was one of their usual fights, before Laju was heard screaming. By the time he was rushed to the Central Hospital in Warri, he was pronounced dead by the doctor on duty from loss of blood.

A family source said: “He fell to the ground, started screaming, and calling for help before people rushed to the house to attempt to help the boy. These kinds of fight and quarrel have been very common in the home. But this particular one just got out of hand. They have always fought and settled as siblings often do.”

When Omasan realized what she has done, she tried to run away, but was caught and promptly handed over to the police.


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