Timi Dakolo goes unplugged at Taruwa – Jite Efemuaye

Timi Dakolo goes unplugged at Taruwa – Jite Efemuaye

Taruwa begins at 6.30pm; I was there at 6pm. Something had told me anything later was not an option because the venue was sure to be packed and I wanted to have my choice of seats.

It seems I wasn’t the only one something spoke to because by the time I got there all my favourite spots were taken.

Timi Dakolo was coming to Taruwa.

Timi Dakolo unplugged

(Taruwa is a monthly performing arts event that holds on the last Tuesday of every month at Bogobiri House in Ikoyi, Lagos.)

My first encounter with Timi Dakolo was at Afropolitan Vibes where he smiled at me from a distance and I almost fainted. Who would have thought it? That I would be awed by the smile of a musician other than Chris de Burgh?

The evening began when Oluwabibs picked up the mic. She was her usual audacious self, teasing and exchanging bants with the audience; I’m still waiting for the person that’d have the mind to take her on.

There was a spoken word poetry performance and other artistes came on stage but to be honest I was just waiting for everyone to do and leave the stage. Until Jodie sang. It was impromptu but she blew the house away with Kuchi kuchi. That song never gets old.

Then Timi Dakolo and his band took the stage and all was well with the world. He had this t-shirt on with a  blacked out image of a razor blade on the front as if he was warning us what to expect. His performance was razor sharp, on point from beginning to end.

Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo is more than a vocalist, he’s an excellent performer. He had the room energised and singing along to the chorus of he song he hasn’t released yet.  Baby o baby/You’re like medicine to me/Give me everything I need. He did three songs from his soon to be released album Love and Consequences. I see it being a bestseller (please don’t do free download, pay money for it).

It is important to mention that Timi Dakolo could easily make it as a comedian. The break between songs were filled with jokes and laughter. Maybe it had something to do with the intimacy of the gathering and how he just reached into the heart with his songs.

Besides his own songs, he did a medley of different old school jams. It was music heaven for me I didn’t want to go home.

Is this love, All of Me, Stuck on You, Waiting in Vain, Fools Rush In, Sexual Healing, Step in the Name of Love,  I don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, I Don’t Know Much, Everything I do, were a few of the songs he performed.

By the time he wrapped it up with Iyawo Mi and Great Nation, Timi Dakolo proved once again why he deserves his place as one of Nigeria’s top vocalists.

For the longest time after winning Idols West Africa in 2007, I was waiting for Timi to blow up. I wondered if the win had been a fluke, if that was as good as it was going to get. In that room at Bogobiri, under the subdued lights hanging from baskets, I found answers. If you want to serve a rich meal, you need to take your time with the preparation.

Photos: Taruwa instagram/twitter

Unplugged: ‘scatter the place’, ‘there aren’t enough words for how amazing this show was’ (my dictionary is in my head).

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