The reality of male rape

The reality of male rape

Men get raped.

Not little boys, grown men. How many have come forward to report such cases to the police? How many do we read of in the newspapers?

Our culture expects men to be in charge, to show no weakness. Women come out to say they were raped and are vilified. Can you imagine what would happen if a man comes forward? Think about it for a moment.

The story below is from a Kenyan newspaper. Hopefully Nigerian men will begin to speak up and they’ll meet not condemnation but sympathy, and justice from the authorities.

A 28-year-old hawker has urged police to arrest gangs who have been sodomising and killing Murang’a residents for months.

This is after scores of men were sodomised and others brutally murdered after being raped.

County police director Naomi Ichami said she has been told rape is rife, especially at Mukuyu Market in Murang’a town, but she has yet to receive a formal complaint.

The hawker told the Star on Tuesday he was cornered by a gang of four men on October 14 and sodomised.

They then tied him up and left him unconscious in Gathinja, Kahuro subcounty.

He said the gang also inserted a carrot and a knife, causing serious injuries and internal bleeding.

The trader said he regained consciousness at Muriranjas Hospital, where he was taken by passersby.

He was discharged two weeks later, but the bleeding did not stop as some veins had been cut, requiring corrective surgery.

The man was forced to use sanitary towels and was confined to his home for months as he feared mingling with his peers due to embarrassment.

Well-wishers funded the surgery at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

“At first I was in denial because I could not imagine that such a thing could happen to me but I was eventually able to handle the situation after psychological counselling,” he said.

The man said when he was being attacked, the gang discussed how to violate him and one of them said he would take him to his house as his ‘wife’.

The trader said he was unable to discuss the “tragic experience” with his own wife due to trauma, but he counts himself lucky that he survived.

He encouraged other rape victims to open about their experiences so they can heal psychologically and get medical help.

“Some men who have gone through what I did fear visiting hospitals due to shame and risk their health,” the hawker said.

Ichami urged victims to report crimes so gangs can be arrested and prosecuted.

“We just hear people saying such cases are there but no one has reported to us to enable us commence investigations,” she said.




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