29 Things I (Re)Learned this Year – Jite Efemuaye

29 Things I (Re)Learned this Year – Jite Efemuaye

I saw this post on medium and it resonated so much and made me think.

I’ve been 29 for the past nine months of 2015. I can approximate that to one year, right? So here, are 29 things I have (re)learned in the out going year.

1.       Na for eye e dey tay. Life goes by very fast.

2.      Family has nothing to do with blood. Forget what the dictionary says.

3.      Sometimes you need to step back to move forward.

4.      Raise hell when you need to.

5.      Nothing is ever that deep.

6.      Good poetry will always be remembered.

7.      Stop judging people by the way they spell.

8.     It’s okay to let go of people. You mustn’t always fight the process.

9.      Generosity does not cover a multitude of wrongs.

10.  Being treated like an adult by your mum is not as fantastic as it is made out to be. Cherish the babying days.

11.   Social media is a great place to make business connections.

12.  Return phone calls as soon as possible. A slight delay might extend to six months.

13.  No matter how nice and friendly your bosses are, never forget: they’re your bosses.

14.  Mind your business.

15.   Fathers are important. Whether they were there from day one or not.

16.  Be kind to the people in your life.

17.   Make friends with younger people.

18.  Work for free once in a while. It pays.

19.  Leave your superiority at home. You’re only smart in a few things.

20. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

21.  I need to find a head/heart balance.

22. Saying sorry to keep the peace is not a bad thing.

23. Stand up for strangers more often.

24. It’s fine to be by yourself in a crowd.

25.  The Church is not always right. God is.

26. Keep digging new foundations as you build on old ones.

27.  Your pain is not pain-er than anyone else’s.

28. Don’t ever stop trying with God.

29. Your pride is a defence but it will be the death of you. Plot twist. (borrowed)


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