Mirabel centre offers solace to rape victims

Mirabel centre offers solace to rape victims
Very often victims of rape and their families do not know where to go or who to get help from. In a society that still largely treats rape victims like they have some dreaded disease, it is important that they get the right kind of medical and psychological attention.
The Mirabel Centre, an NGO situated in Lagos was created just for this purpose, to care for rape victims. The centre came the limelight in September, 2015 (despite having been functional for two years), when it’s funding was about to be cut off the centre was at the danger of being closed down.
With help from people all over the world, enough money was raised to keep the centre running.  Now Mirable Centre is doing what it does best, providing a safe, friendly and private place where rape victims can get help and support.  The Mirabel Centre is located at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Ikeja.
Tel: 0811 555 4877 or 0818 724 3468 or 01-295 7816.  @MirabelCentreNG.

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