March 21, 2019

Stephen Keshi loses wife

Stephen Keshi loses wife

Reports reaching us from our corresepondent in Delta State say Stephen Keshi’s wife has died.

Stephen Keshi had said he married at a very tender age because he was influenced by ‘a coach in the then New Nigerian Bank Football Club, who told me that I could be a better player, if I could get a wife or somebody I could hook up with or else I would get carried away by the way girls flocked around me.’

Coach Stephen also said ‘I would not last long in my football career if I continued with girls around me all the time. I thought it wise and I took to his words and since then, it has been wonderful with my wife, though tough. But marrying somebody you truly love, is a good thing, really she is truly a God-sent to me. So far the marriage has fetched us five children, two boys and three girls. Read more

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