Buy yourself the gift of laughter this season

Buy yourself the gift of laughter this season

So you’re not sure how these holidays are going to play out. There are still on and off fuel queues. Yesterday, you got some fuel. Today the queue looks like it’s stretched from the station by your house, all the way to your village that you’re supposed to be visiting. How are you going to even get there? PHCN isn’t helping either. The only change that’s happening is electricity six hours a day, to electricity six hours a day with low current.

How are you going to get by? How do you temporarily take your mind off all this wahala?

We have a good idea – Laughter! And how do you get lots of it in one go? A new book by Funny African Pictures, ‘Humour According to Nigerians’!

If you are active online you have probably come across them – videos of boys dressed as their African mothers, or girlfriends, talking about endless errands and Brazilian weaves. Now Funny Africa has decided to compile these stories, experiences, posts, memes, in a one-of-a-kind collection. It is better enjoyed when you read it and see the madness and foolishness for yourself, than being told about it!

The book is an ambitious, generous collection of everything that has made, and will make us laugh out loud; a documentation of our unique brand of jokes, tragi-comic situations, rib-cracking everyday theatre that living in Nigeria can be sometimes.

It contains four colourful, short chapters: Funny Posts, Funny Stories, Funny Pictures and Funny Memes.

And it is all you need to get you mind off all the heavy stuff and forget your sorrows. Well, temporarily.

So, go grab your copy now!


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