3 Industries With The Worst Customer Service In Nigeria

3 Industries With The Worst Customer Service In Nigeria

The International Customer Service Association (ICSA) established the Customer Service Week in 1984. The event has been celebrated annually during the first week of every October. Interestingly, the annual event is such a big deal in some parts of the world. In the United States of America, it received a legislative proclamation in the USA back in 1992.

The Customer Service Week is a great initiative. It helps to shed light on the importance of an effective relationship between businesses and customers.

Today we take a look at three industries with customer services that aren’t up to scratch.

Top three industries with the worst customer service in Nigeria   

Chances are that you already know the answer to this. But we have to say it nonetheless; below are the top three industries with the worst customer care in Nigeria:

  • The banking sector;
  • The telecommunication sector;
  • And the power sector.

The Banking Sector 

Many Nigerian banks have a long way to go before they get the idea of customer service right. Banks will need to continually train and retrain their employees on proper customer care practices. This is because many banks have some of the worst customer care representatives in Nigeria. Not only do these banks take so long to respond to customers, but they are also often impatient (if not clueless) when assisting customers to resolve their problems. Consequently, many Nigerians are already tired of them all. But apparently, they do not have a choice than to keep using them.

The Telecommunication sector

This is perhaps the worst sector in Nigeria. Customers experience poor care right from the moment they purchase their SIM cards. SIM registration is typically fraught with difficulties. Customers then continue to experience challenges for as long as they use such SIM cards.

The Power Sector

Long before the privatization of the Nigeria Electric Power Authority (NEPA), operators in the Nigerian power sector have always been known for ‘unpleasant’ customer service. Unfortunately, this has continued till date. Now, not only is it bad that the service provided in this sector is poor, but their customer service representatives are also typically slow to respond and rude as well. This, perhaps, explains why a lot of ‘NEPA people’ are very much disliked.

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