March 21, 2019

FIFA to deliver verdict on Blatter and Platini today

FIFA to deliver verdict on Blatter and Platini today

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini will learn if they are banned from football when Fifa’s ethics judge delivers verdicts against the pair on Monday.

Fifa’s ethics investigators want both president Blatter and his Uefa counterpart Platini to have life bans.

But speaking to Swiss newspaper Blick on Sunday, Blatter said the corruption charge against him had been dropped.

A spokesman for Hans Joachim Eckert, Fifa’s ethics head, declined to comment. Blatter, however, faces other charges, including mismanagement. Both he and Platini have denied any wrongdoing, and insist they have not breached Fifa’s code of ethics.

The case against them revolves around a £1.3m “disloyal payment” made to Platini in 2011.Both men say the payment was part of an agreement made for work carried out between 1998 and 2002 when Platini was employed as an adviser for Blatter.That payment was not part of Platini’s written contract – with Blatter saying recently the pair had a “gentleman’s agreement” for an additional amount of money to be paid.

The timing of the payment – some nine years late – has also come under scrutiny.That money was paid while Blatter was seeking support for a fourth term as president and facing a major challenge from Qatar’s Mohamed Bin Hammam.  Read more

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