Lionel Zinsou of Benin survives plane crash

Lionel Zinsou of Benin survives plane crash

Benin’s Prime Minister walked away unscathed after the helicopter in which he was travelling crashed in the country’s northwest, his daughter said. It is unclear why the helicopter carrying Lionel Zinsou crash-landed in a stadium.

“My father is fine. There were no victims in the helicopter accident in Djougou,” Marie-Cecile Zinsou tweeted. Earlier this month, Mr Zinsou confirmed he would run as a candidate in Benin’s 2016 presidential elections.

The helicopter crashed while landing at a stadium in the city of Djougou, a spokesman for Benin’s interior ministry Leonce Houngbadji told the AFP news agency. He said no-one in the helicopter was hurt. Mr Zinsou, a former private-equity executive, was appointed prime minister of Benin in June. Read more


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