4 easy ways to keep your New Year resolutions – Tee

4 easy ways to keep your New Year resolutions – Tee

2015 is over and yes I am as shocked as you are that the year just seemed to roll over in the blink of an eye.

The phrase: time waits for no man really comes into play here. Like everyone I had a lot of new year resolutions that I didn’t stick to, like losing 15 kilos, drinking more water, spending less time on social media and focusing more on the things that are important rather than the things that are less important.

Well I tried my best but I could have done a lot better. It is so easy to write down New Year resolutions or goals, (whatever you may call them), the hard thing is sticking to them and following through. These few tips have helped me achieve at least 80% of my last New Year’s resolution and would likely help me achieve everything for my 2016 resolutions.


1. Write down your goals and make it plain: I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and every speaker has basically said this; write down your goals and you would be amazed at the turn of events. I follow, this blog http://www.sisiyemmie.com, by a very hilarious Nigerian blogger, and she talked about how writing down her dreams have worked for her from being an ambassador of maggi to having a paid for wedding.

NOTE: it is not only about writing them down, but also doing it, let me be a little spiro now, (you can’t expect to sit you’re A** down and have all your goals drop in your lap, after writing them down you have to work towards them believing that they would all come to pass. Instant gratification is one of our problems as a nation and this has got to stop.

2. When you write down your goals make sure to place it in places where it can be seen. The more you see it the more you are gingered (in the words of my Nigerian brethen), to work towards making it happen.  For me one of my perfect places to review my New Year resolutions is in the toilet, since I can speak and write in French I usually have that up in French so that it is my own secret. I have added a big calendar to it where I mark my dates and keep track of it. The secret to this: your goals should be visible and everywhere. The intention is that you find it hard to escape it.

3. Make your new year’s resolution a habit: anything you give time would give you time. If you make it your habit you would achieve most of your goals. One of the things I did when I was studying French was turn my world to French, so I kept a French journal, sometimes I wrote rubbish, sometimes I wrote very serious stuff, but the bottom line was that it helped improve my French, same with reading. I learnt to make it a habit. It’s been almost 8 years now, I can say this categorically that I still can read, write and speak fluent French. So if for example your goal is to drink more water and reduce your fizzy drink in take, you can start by taking a water bottle with you everywhere. Start with drinking a bottle of water a day. If it is to save more money, then you may want to start with tracking your expenses. I have realized that if I have cash with me I will spend it on everything and anything and since I live not so close to the ATM machine that works very well for me.

4. Back to the keeping a calendar, I read an article written by Gina Trapani http://lifehacker.com/281626/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret and she talked about Jerry Seinfeld’s advice on how one can achieve one’s goals.

“He said the way to be a better comic was to create better jokes and the way to create better jokes was to write every day. But his advice was better than that. He had a gem of a leverage technique he used on himself and you can use it to motivate yourself—even when you don’t feel like it.

He revealed a unique calendar system he uses to pressure himself to write. Here’s how it works.

He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker.

He said for each day that I do my task of writing, I get to put a big red X over that day. “After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.”

“Don’t break the chain,” he said again for emphasis”.

I have since gotten my calendar, going to look for my magic red pen and I am starting this trend in the New Year. God sparing our lives I would keep you my sisters and brothers updated as to how this has worked for me.

Wishing you all a very, very happy and prosperous New Year.




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