Meet fast rising Nigerian-British Actor, Kayode Ewumi

Meet fast rising Nigerian-British Actor, Kayode Ewumi

ix months ago, only a handful of people knew the name of the star of the pitch-perfect spoof #HoodDocumentary. Now 22-year-old Kayode Ewumi is on red carpets and making jokes at the BBC. He explains why the goal is to stay happy – and working.

Kayode Ewumi knows he is going to be successful – it’s a fact. “I don’t see myself competing against anyone,” he tells me on a warm October afternoon. We are sitting in a quiet corner of the Lyttelton Lounge on the first floor of the National Theatre, waiting for Ewumi’s writing partner to turn up. “I’m running my own race,” he says. “And by that I mean I have my own destiny. God has his own plan for me. So I have to stick with my plan and be committed.”

On the internet, Ewumi is famous enough to have spawned memes: His face – captured, moon-like, in phases – has become a multipurpose reaction tool for when words simply aren’t enough. There are Vines of him, and even fan art. It all comes down to one big bang moment: #HoodDocumentary, the mockumentary he co-created with lifelong friend Tyrell Williams. Read more


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