2 Israelis jailed for murder of Palestinian teen

2 Israelis jailed for murder of Palestinian teen

An Israeli court on Thursday sentenced two Israelis in the 2014 murder of a 16-year-old Palestinian, sending one to life in prison for a crime that sparked deep soul-searching in Israel and was part of a series of events that led to the Gaza war later that year.

The court sentenced a second Israeli, believed to have had a lesser role in the crime, to 21 years in prison. Another Israeli is awaiting a verdict following a psychological examination.

CBS Radio News correspondent Robert Berger reports that Israeli officials had dubbed Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s killing an act of “Jewish terrorism.”

“The sentence imposed on the defendants reflects what we asked for and the barbaric and atrocious act,” said Ori Korb, the state prosecutor. He said the murder marked a “moral nadir.” The Israelis sentenced Thursday snatched Khdeir from an east Jerusalem neighborhood in July 2014, driving him to a Jerusalem forest where he was burned to death. Read more


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