Heartbroken elephant damages 19 cars in China

Heartbroken elephant damages 19 cars in China

A heartbroken wild elephant in southern China has damaged 19 cars over the Valentine’s Day weekend after losing a fight for the affection of a female.

The male Asian elephant nicknamed Bamboo Shoot Teeth had fought with another male elephant over the female recently, and lost. Wildlife officials in Yunnan province said he has had wild mood swings ever since. The elephant wandered off the Wild Elephant Valley nature reserve on Friday and took a stroll along a national highway, where tourists had parked their cars.

Local TV showed the elephant pushing a car to the side and then wedging himself in between the vehicles, leaving deep dents and smashed windshields.

Although the Chinese media have described the elephant as attempting to “play” with the cars, a video of the incident showed that some people on scene felt slightly panicked. A man can be heard shouting, “He’s coming, he’s coming! Move back!” Twenty minutes later, the elephant headed back to the nature reserve after damaging 15 cars. Still unhappy with his single status, Xinhua news agency reported that the “jilted elephant” returned on Sunday to damage four more cars during a “Valentine’s (Day) stroll.” Read more

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