Fraud: 19 year old gets 37 years

Fraud: 19 year old gets 37 years

Justice Lateef Akapo of a Lagos High Court on Wednesday convicted a 19-year old school-leaver, Tobechukwu Igbokwe, and sentenced him to 37 years’ imprisonment for defrauding an American of $40m in an inheritance scam.

Igbokwe (alias David Prince) and his accomplice, Ifeanyi Obi,   made M. Sila  to believe that they  had a huge inheritance,  which they wanted to move to a foreign account for safekeeping.

The victim was asked to send money to “process” the transfer and in the process, he wired $40m  through Western Union to Igbokwe.  Igbokwe also confessed that he had duped other foreigners, including  T. Bedwell ( $6,000)  and R. Hunt ($15,000). He  was arraigned before the court on 12 counts bordering on forgery, conspiracy and obtaining money by false pretences.

Justice Akapo found him guilty on all counts and sentenced him accordingly. He was sentenced to seven years on counts 1-8; eight years on count 9; seven years on count 10, eight years on count 11 and seven years on count 12, making a cumulative of 37 years imprisonment. Read more

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