Malaysia allows Muslim man convert to Christianity

Malaysia allows Muslim man convert to Christianity

In a landmark religious ruling, a court in Malaysia has upheld the rights of a man to convert to Christianity from Islam.

This judgement has now established a precedent in Malaysia, a country where religious conversions are often highly controversial. The verdict has reaffirmed the right of freedom of religion, which is guaranteed by law under Article 11 of Malaysia’s constitution.

Rooney Rebit argued in court that his Christian faith was a human right, and Judge Yew Ken Jie, said: “he is free to exercise his right of freedom to religion, and he chose Christianity.” According to reports Mr Rebit was born into a Christian family that converted to Islam when he was young.

His Muslim name was Azmi Mohamad Azam Shah, however in 1999 he converted to Christianity and was baptised. The judge ruled that he was underage when he became a Muslim and therefore he would not be considered an officially professed Muslim. Read more

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