Beyoncé’s Lemonade is about much more than infidelity and Jay Z

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is about much more than infidelity and Jay Z

While I have always been a fan of Beyoncé, I’m not someone you’d consider one of the beyhive. So I am rarely the first to hear about Beyoncé’s latest projects. Most of my weekend was dedicated to thinking about Prince, crying about Prince and making my son watch videos of Prince. But when I dried my tears Sunday morning, I saw that Lemonade had dropped the evening before. And according to press, this was an album about Jay Z.

To read early headlines, Lemonade is about Beyoncé and Jay Z, or it’s about what a dog Jay Z is, it’s about that infamous elevator fight, it’s about Beyoncé being mad at Jay Z, it’s about Beyoncé’s heartbreak over Jay Z.

I’m never very personally invested in celebrity relationships, but I’d watch Beyoncé sing my old chemistry textbook, so I sat down to watch Lemonade expecting to at the very least be entertained.

I was not expecting to be cracked wide open by this project. I was not expecting to shed a lifetime of tears. But I did. Lemonade is about so much more than one relationship and its infidelity. Lemonade is about the love that black women have – the love that threatens to kill us, makes us crazy and makes us stronger than we should ever have to be. Read more

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