4 Fun Things You Can Do In Lagos Tonight Before The Weekend

4 Fun Things You Can Do In Lagos Tonight Before The Weekend

Are you wondering what things you can do to start the weekend and to kick back after work today? It’s Friday after all, and we thank God it is. In the spirit of TGIF, here are just a handful of ideas you can indulge to unwind, and ease into a wonderful weekend.



Lekki Leisure Lake is a serene seaside resort that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The vast expanse of land, and the sand floor, gives you a beach feel in a calmer, well organized surrounding perfect for various recreational activities like jet skiing and pedal boat riding, among other activities. You should love to start your weekend here.



If you’re a movie buff like most, you can settle for a cozy evening at the cinema with a movie of your preferred genre – munching your popcorn and sipping a soda or corona. Nothing beats the thrill or relaxing feel of passing your evening and night with the perfect movie just before the weekend proper.



Wind down and start your weekend right by heading out to a cool, exotic bar like SWE Bar, Rhapsodys. Enjoy the masterful blend of local and foreign music, and unwind in the chilled vibes with a cocktail perfectly brewed for the occasion.



Every woman (and man) needs to visit a spa once or a hundred times in her lifetime. The beauty spa has an age long beauty secrets that promise to keep you looking fresh and beautiful. Everyday should be a spa day. No reason to count this Friday night out, or the whole weekend for that matter.

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