4-year-old girl brutally murdered and tossed in drain (Timeslive)

4-year-old girl brutally murdered and tossed in drain (Timeslive)

Seventeen years after Samantha Talla’s six-year-old niece‚ Makayla Lee‚ was found murdered on a koppie in Eldorado Park‚ Extension 2 in Johannesburg‚ her daughter was found murded in the same spot.

The lifeless body of Shaynice Talla‚ who was just four years old‚ was found tossed in a drain on Wednesday evening. She had been reported missing in the afternoon.

Nita Mackay‚ Shaynice’s aunt‚ lives with her sister Samantha Talla and their four other sisters and their small children.

Mackay said she knew something was wrong when her niece didn’t meet her at the corner of the road after work.

“When I got home after 6pm‚ they [the children] usually meet me at the corner and hug and kiss me. She [Shaynice] usually asks me if I have anything for her – but yesterday there was no one. Read more

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