5 truths about men and sex that will change your relationship

5 truths about men and sex that will change your relationship

Yes, a woman is the author of this article.

Some may wonder how I could possibly write about what men hope to get out of their intimate relationships being female. As a Sex and Intimacy Coach/Educator I work with a lot of women and men seeking to improve their relationships. Many sit across from me expressing their dreams, hopes, frustrations and pain. For a lot of men it’s the first time they’ve been able to talk about these things in an open and honest way without feeling criticized or defensive.

What I hear men telling me isn’t exactly what people may think. They’re thoughtful, concerned, desiring vulnerability and connection, and genuinely interested in their partner. So, on behalf of the wonderful men with whom I’ve worked, I hope they won’t mind if I share a few things they wished their women knew.

  1. He’s more than a raging sex-monster

Most of us tend to think that any male over the age of 16 is walking around barely managing to control themselves and their raging desires. Not true. While, yes, theirhormones are increasing and testosterone is linked to sex drive, most men are able to hold jobs, go to school, hang out with friends, eat at a restaurant, go to a ball game, and so on, without transforming into some sort of slobbering I-can-only-think-about-sex monster. Men are human beings capable of experiencing a range of emotions and feelings and if you’re only viewing him as only thinking about “one thing” you’re missing out on every other great thing about him. Read more 



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