Habits that will destroy your creativity

Habits that will destroy your creativity

If you think some people are born creative and you’re not one of them, think again.

What makes some people more creative than others is that they nurture their creativity. In fact, experts say that creativity is primarily a learned skill. And like any other skill you want to learn, it requires that you put in some hard work and effort.

It’s not enough to just want to be creative–it takes daily dedication to push yourself into original thoughts and expressive ideas. Too often, though, the biggest thing standing in the way may be your own habits.

Here eight of the worst creativity killers. If you recognize them in your life, cut them out now because they are destroying your creativity.

1. Premature judgment. To be creative, you have to allow yourself to be able to generate ideas and innovate freely and without judgment. If you judge your ideas too early in the process, you end up second-guessing and creating less. Separate the two processes, and let your initial run of ideas flow without interruption. There will be time later to select and polish the best.

2. Lack of courage. If you’re fearful of taking chances, scared of venturing down new roads, timid about taking the road not been traveled on, you’re going to find it difficult to ever venture off the main roads. Creativity requires taking a chance and being courageous. Fear is the biggest enemy of creativity.

3. Avoidance of failure. You can’t be bold and creative when you’re are afraid of failure. If your goal is to avoid failure and mistakes, you will play it out conservatively and quietly. Creativity means taking chances and venturing down some dead ends. The really great ideas you come up with will more than worth it for all the dumb mistakes.

4. Comparing yourself with others. When you compare yourself to others, you rob yourself of your own unique innovation and imagination. Set your own standards of creativity and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Allow yourself to create and be different. The only unique contribution you can ever make in this world will be born of your creativity. Read more 

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