July 17, 2018

Sister, you can marry a younger man – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Sister, you can marry a younger man – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Some of my single female friends within my age bracket (mid 30s and upwards) are facing a peculiar dilemma.

The dating pool has few men in their age range. Their mates are mostly married or unmarriageable. Men don’t be upset but marrying a man in his late 30s upwards who has never been married is usually not a ride in the park.

An older bachelor is high maintenance and doesn’t adapt easily to long term relationships. His habits are set in stone so the malleability that is required to make marriage easier is absent. (My friends take my articles a bit too personal, so if you are in this category and you are my friend, you are the exception.)

A woman usually waits to be proposed to, it is not so farfetched to assume that she would turn down some. What is the excuse of the older bachelor? There is nothing you have not seen or dated for at least 2 decades, why haven’t you been able to find someone to say yes (we all know it is not that difficult.)?


When older bachelors decide to marry, they marry very young women and not their mates.

Wait o! What was I trying to say sef?

Ok, older women have a problem in the dating pool. They are mostly stuck between married men and much younger men.

My thing is this, I don’t know why older women think younger men are a no-go area?

the women of today are fabulous. It is difficult to even guess the age of a woman. They take care of themselves and defy age. Most of my single older females will tell you that they have a lot of young toasters.

But I am surprised that they shy away because of the age difference.

What do you want from a man.

  1. To cherish you
  2. Be faithful to you
  3. Provide
  4. And be able to, ehmm ehmm, you know na.

What has age got to do with all the above?I will let you know something that most women don’t talk about. A LOT of women are married to younger men, they just don’t want to have to deal with society’s nonsense that’s why they keep quiet about it. Open up your mind. Must you be with a pre-viagra man to have a happy marriage?

I am not talking about the ones that do not know their left from right and are looking for someone to be giving them recharge card.

The one that doesn’t need to be called ‘Sir’ before he knows he is a man. The one that will wake you up with breakfast in bed and ehmmm other items that do not need too much prodding to rise to the occasion (please Pastor Z, if you are reading this, I am still part of the faithful).

The kind of guy that will buy you a mini skirt and make you wear it when your tendency is to tie two wrappers. The one that will use your picture as his DP and tag you in his pictures as ‘bae’. Not the type of man whose idea of ‘funky’ music is Felix Liberty and he has never heard of Phyno or Olamide.

  1. And the younger men, between you and I, I have done a good job extolling you guys, no fall my hand o. Go ahead and toast an older lady, there are a million and one reasons.
  2. My dear friends, date and marry younger men, there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. The type of guy that will call you ‘Helen sweets’ and not the one that will call you ‘mama (insert the name of first son here)’
  4. Those kind of men will stop you from aging. They are naturally rejuvenating.
  5. The kind of man that will call you and serenade you with: “My woman, my everything” at the top of his croaky voice.
  6. The one that will dance at the wedding party with you so much so that you cannot help but laugh and clap your hands as he circles you with knees bent and mouth bent sideways .
  7. The ones that will walk into the kitchen and place arms around you and kiss your neck.
  8. I am talking about those smart dudes with JOBS.
  9. Every single day men are marrying women decades younger so why can’t women do the same?
  10. Date and marry younger men.
  11. I did a survey of my close friends and discovered that the ones married to younger men seemed happier. There are no respect issues (I find it one kind if you can only respect someone older than you.
  12. She has her life together and will not break you with dependency
  13. She will bring a sense of calm and direction if your life had none.
  14. You can actually talk about building a life together and her expectations are realistic.
  15. I hear she could also be quite experienced and can make you ‘cry mama…’
  16. She will treat you like a king. It is not true that a younger woman is more ‘respectful’. Has a girl ever held you by the collar and abused the nonsense from your life before? An older woman will be more mature about handling and resolving conflicts.Just one warning, if you are still a boy, keep off.                                                              So there folks, my name is Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha and I make sense die, abi?





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