Theresa May becomes prime minister, appoints Boris Johnson foreign secretary

Theresa May becomes prime minister, appoints Boris Johnson foreign secretary

Rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments, including David Cameron’s last PMQs, Theresa May becoming PM and starting her cabinet reshuffle and Owen Smith launching his bid for the Labour leadership

1. May has honoured her promise to put Brexiteers in charge of Brexit. During her campaign she said this was important because peope who voted leave would want to know that Brexit really did mean Brexit, but an alternative reading would be that she is applying Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn ‘You break it, you own it’ rule. Boris Johnson, the new foreign secretary, David Davis, the new Brexit secretary and Liam Fox, the new international trade secretary, will be in charge of making Brexit work.

2 – Johnson’s appointment represents a glittering promotion for him – but perhaps a demotion for the Foreign Office. Superficially it is an odd appointment, because it won’t take long to compile quite a long list of countries and foreign leaders Johnson has offended in the past, but he likes to be liked and he may forge good relations with his counterparts. But the new arrangements also suggest the Foreign Office is being downsized. It used to be in charge of aid, but underLabour it lost that to DfID. Now it is losing Brexit (to Davis’s department) and international trade (to Fox’s department). What’s left for Johnson? Handing out the Forrero Rocher? Read more 



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