5 Aids To Communication

5 Aids To Communication

There was a time you had to travel a great distance, going through roads, deserts and seas to deliver a 5 word message. As the world progressed, the time frame to deliver a 900 word message was reduced by a day or two through cars, planes and ships. Fast forward today and you can send more than a thousand words by milliseconds.

Communication is no longer bound by space and time, thanks to advancement in the electronic industry and information technology but what is so interesting is that the way we communicate with one another has also advanced. Expressing emotions in words (LOL- laugh out loud), writing words in short form, flashing, tweeting, hash tags are all the ways we communicate and it’s easy to be behind or be old school in terms of communication, in our world today.

However no matter the complexity of communication infrastructure, there are some aids in communication that will never be old school and this we want to look at in this article.


No matter the device, language or character you use to communicate, sincerity is very important in communication. If your friends, audience or colleagues get a hint that you are not sincere, then your communication will become ineffective.


Clarity in word and speech is what makes an individual a good communicator. Our generation is fascinated by the beautiful styling format of a character or a word which is not a problem but what really matters is the message and not the style. Keep it Simple is the message.


How would you feel if all the messages you sent on BB to a friend was not replied. You will probably be hurt, angry or disappointed; you are not alone. Everyone wants attention and to be given audience; Information that is not attended to cannot pass any message. Read more

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