March 18, 2019

5 Best Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

5 Best Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

There’s always some type of inquiry going on somewhere about what exercises work and how quickly this happens. It’s even more pressing when we add the fact of quick gratification all so common today.

The simple truth is that people don’t get fat overnight from eating one burger or Pizza, this happens over a stretch of time, months, perhaps even years. And so it is only logical to not expect to lose it in a week or a month, right? Right. But nobody cares about logic, not when it’s in the way of losing belly fat. (did I hear you say Damn logic, I want magic!) Me too.

If you really care about staying fit, then you need to start where it matters most, at home. A consistent routine of exercise performed in familiar spaces like your home may be the beginning of a Rambo style or Schwazeneggar discipline that will drive the results you desire. The kind you need to fall in love with exercise, your body, and eat guilt-free. Excited? I am.

  • Good ‘Ol Couch
Tricep dips using the Couch

First thing first is your couch. That good ‘Ol comfort recline. Yes, you nap on it, eat seating on it and do other kinds of prone exerting things on it (eyes roll) but I bet you never thought it useful for actual conventional exercise, did you? Your couch or sofa can easily be used for

  • Triceps Dips
  • Elevated pushups (variants)
  • Stepups (variants)


  • Water bottle
DIY dumbbells make great home gym equipment

Fill a few bottles with water, varying into different bottle sizes for different degrees of difficulty. The bottles will serve as your own homemade dumbbells as you use them for exercises like:

  • Lunges (DB (bottle hold out)
  • DB Overhead presses.
  • Jumping jacks
  • Full moons
  • DB (bottle) raises

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  • Skipping ropes
skipping ropes

Skipping ropes are perhaps the oldest exercise equipment many of us have interacted with. It was a constant in the playground during our developmental years and continue to be an engaging tool for purposeful exercise right on till now. The ropes are good for more than skipping, they are also useful for

  • Stretch routines (lateral and overhead routines)
  • Crunches (variants)


  • Pull-up bar
Pull-up bars treat your body to the same gym feeling

They are a very crucial addition for all home exercises and their ease of fixing and refixing adds to the case of its usefulness. More so, they optimally use space, or more accurately, use next to no space as they often need to be hanged overhead, usually on the door post. They are great for full body exercises like:

  • Chin Ups
  • Hanging leg raises (for core activation)
  • Knee-ins


  • Yoga mats
Yoga Mats

This is as vital as vital gets. We want to work out and improve our bods, not get sore from having no protection between our bodies and the hard surface of the floor. Yoga mats cushion the discomfort of working out in the first place that having to lie on the bare floor causes. All exercises done in the prone, all fours, or prostrate position should be done on the mat for safety reasons. Some workouts to try include:

  • Sit-ups
  • Catching the ball
  • Planks (variants)
  • Donkey kicks
  • Spiderman side crunches etc


The gym fee too pricey…..don’t stress. Simply clear out the clutter in your living space, spread out your yoga mats and get to it. I promise you, your body won’t be able to tell the difference. The gains don’t discriminate.

Give it a try.













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