5 great things about being a godmother by Jite Efemuaye

5 great things about being a godmother by Jite Efemuaye


When my friends called me and asked that I be godparent to their daughter I was excited. I called my mother and told anyone that cared to listen that I was going to be a mama!

Until panic set in. Was I good enough?

I was shaking inside, as I stood beside my friends at the baptismal font and made a profession of faith for my godchild. I was convinced I was going to be the world’s worst godparent.

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My baby is a little over two years old now; I was there for most of her first year but not so much in the last year because I moved away. While I am not sure how successful I have been, I have learnt some great things along the way.

  1. Being a godparent is not just about presents at birthdays and Christmas. I have a part in the raising of a human being. That is a huge responsibility.
  2. While there is ‘parent’ in my title, the real parents always get to make the decisions about the little tyke.
  3.  Since I’m not a parent already, being a godparent serves as a kind of test run. I got barfed on, stayed up at night playing ‘monkey see, monkey do,’ learnt to give ‘the eye,’ and got a lot of, ‘your baby is so pretty.’
  4. The present buying. I hope my friends don’t see this as I have been a little remiss in this area. Still, I see many years of gift giving in our future.
  5.  I feel richer having a godchild. I have more than 20 nieces and nephews but it’s not the same. Every small achievement makes me glow; every scrape makes me want to swaddle her in bubble wrap. My heart swells with love and pride at the thought of my goddaughter.

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