5 myths about drinking coffee

5 myths about drinking coffee

Nothing gets us up and out the door like a nice cup of coffee. It keeps us, ahem, regular in the morning, stimulates our brain and gives us the energy to take on the day. Yet coffee hasn’t always been recommended.

People used to think that coffee causes ulcers, heart problems, and makes us overly nervous. In fact this timeline of coffee shows us that people’s opinions drastically change year after year. Research from 2011 shows that coffee is linked to lower rates of depression in women, lower risk of lethal prostate cancer in men and lower rate of stroke in both men and women.

But it goes to show that there are plenty of other reasons you should drink up. Here are five health myths about coffee debunked.

  1. Coffee can lead to heart disease

False! Back in the day, coffee drinkers were associated with lifestyle traits such as inactivity and smoking. This gave it a bad reputation. Coffee drinkers today aren’t quite categorized so distinctly like that, giving researchers another opportunity to figure out the truth behind this power substance. Read more


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