5-point agenda for the Happiness Commissioner to consider – Káyọ̀dé Oyèró

5-point agenda for the Happiness Commissioner to consider – Káyọ̀dé Oyèró

Governor Rochas Okorocha’s spokesman, Sam Onwuemeodo seems to have a point that “The governor is a man of ideas, always introducing new things to governance. He wants to always make the people happy. That’s why he has created the Happiness ministry.”

Let us forget statues and focus on the new big thing. The expletives thrown by the virtual mob at Nigeria’s first Happiness Commissioner is unprecedented. There is too much heat on Ogechi Ololo, the so-called Commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s fulfillment.

Dear Commissioner, here is a list of the projects you should start with to win the hearts of your people.

  1. Initiate 13th month salary for civil servants in Imo state as done yesterday in Enugu state. 13th month salary is the happiness Imolites need this season.
  2. Give out 20,000 Christmas clothes to children in Imo state as done recently by the President of Ekiti state, Gov. Ayodele Fayose. Abi, should children not partake of your happiness commission?
  3. Distribute a bag of rice and a 5 litre keg of groundnut oil to each Imolite family. Soaking garri on Christmas day is a slap on the face of your portfolio as happiness commissioner ma. Start stomach infrastructure without an election motive, biko.
  4. Ensure all unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Imo are gainfully employed or empowered. There is no happiness in being cashstrapped and jobless.
  5. Collaborate with the ministry of housing and make accommodation nearly costless in Imo state.

Get to work and prove your detractors wrong.

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