March 21, 2019

5 reasons why girls are not attracted to you

5 reasons why girls are not attracted to you

It feels nice not only to be recognized, but also to feel wanted by the opposite gender. It is human, it is who we are.

However, understanding “why girls don’t like me” can be difficult.  Not because the reasons are complicated – but because the truth can hurt.

And surprisingly, it is not based on your looks. We were all fearfully and wonderfully created.

So, why don’t girls like you?


1. Full of negative energy

There are men who will never see the goodness in anything. If you’ve got a negative attitude, girls will feel that negativity when they’re around you.

They don’t want to hang out with someone that puts them in an awful mood.  She’d rather find someone who can boost her spirits.


2. Too confident

Yes, confidence is essential but when it is too much, it can easily pass as arrogance. Girls want to feel noticed and appreciated.

If you’re too focused on how great you are to take the time to see how great she is, she won’t be sticking around too long.


3. Self-pity

Men generally are wired to be the problem solvers. If you play the ‘victim’ card too much, she might get the vibe that you are not a man enough and therefore she would not want to be around a man who can’t be there for her emotionally.


4. Making fun of her friends

Unlike boys, girls value their friendship so much. In fact, if she has a friend who she always calls ‘my love’ or those sweet names they often call each other chances are that particular friend is the one who is running the relationship.


5. Appearance

When a girl checks a guy out there’s a lot more going on. She’ll notice his face and body, but what matters even more than physical features is how he presents himself.

Is he well groomed?  Does he look like he’s got his stuff together?  Does he care about the way he presents himself to the world?

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