March 21, 2019

5 reasons why you should not wear shoes inside the house

5 reasons why you should not wear shoes inside the house


If you must really wear shoes in the house consider options such as slippers, loafers. They should only be used indoors and frequently washed to avoid any buildup.

Here are five reasons that will hopefully deter you from bringing your dirty shoes into the house.

  1. Bacteria

According to studies, one shoe can carry 400,000 plus bacteria.

These hosts of organisms can be hidden in your shoes and thrive resulting to all manner of nasty diseases. Of the common ones is E. coli bacteria which is found in the environment, foods and intestines of people and animals.

E. coli are a large and diverse group of bacteria and although most strains of E. coli are harmless, others can make you very sick.

  1. Toxins

Rarely do we think about the chemicals found on the grass and earthy terrain we walk on. These are sprayed with fertilizers and weed killers and other chemicals that find their way to the shoe soles.

You are also exposed to trace amounts of petrol and oil and antifreeze, and the likes. Studies show that prolonged contact with such chemicals is harmful and carrying them through your house you release them into the air you breathe.

  1. Shoes can ruin floors

Worn out heels can damage wooden floors causing them to chip leaving behind an imprint with every step made. This goes for carpets and rugs which will wear out leaving behind snags and stains.




  1. Saves time on cleaning

This goes without saying. A no shoe policy in the house will mean less brooms, mops and vacuums.

Less dirt makes cleaning easier and saves on time.

This should especially apply to homes with young children who roll on the floor and will occasionally find hidden snacks. Yuck!

  1. No more lost shoes

If you have kids, you will understand the pain of searching for a lost boot which he or she is insisting on wearing. Having no designated area or place where dirty shoes are kept will come to bite you in the butt sooner than you think.

Look for a permanent solution where everyone puts worn shoes making it easier to track each pair, clean and store away. In short, this will create order.

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