5 reasons you should have your babies before you hit 30

5 reasons you should have your babies before you hit 30

Is there really a ‘right time’ to get pregnant? Medically speaking, yes, there is a right time to have babies, and definitely have the best motherhood experience.


Without further ado if you want to have children at all, you should aim to start having them before you are 30 years old. Here are some reasons why.



  1. Your twenties are your physical and reproductive peak

According to medical records, a woman’s fertility peaks in her early twenties, making it biologically the best decade for conceiving and carrying a baby. In her twenties a woman’s eggs are at the best quality they will ever be, and her risk of miscarriage is the lowest.


  1. Reduced risk of birth defects

Health experts have proven that as a woman ages, the eggs degrade on equal measure. This is why risks for birth defects and conditions such as autism increase markedly as mothers and fathers age.


  1. Faster post-birth recovery

Your skin will recover postpartum way faster and better in general if you have kids while your body still has the greatest amount of skin recovery agents available to it naturally. If you want to get back your body after baby, you should have your babies young.


  1. It’s arguably the best positioning for your career

If you have your two, three, four kids by thirty or so, then you can go back to school. You have an unbroken stretch of thirty years to pursue a career while not recovering from childbirth, nursing, or leaving sobbing toddlers behind with another caregiver every morning.


  1. Your biological clock

Yes, the famous biological clock is a factor to consider. Let no one lie to you about that. Egg freezing and fertility treatments have huge side-effects. Further, fertility treatments are expensive, ethically dubious, and not always effective. Lastly, babies conceived through IVF are prone to birth defects at horrifying rates.

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