March 20, 2019

5 ways Aisha Buhari is like Patience Jonathan by Onyema Dike

5 ways Aisha Buhari is like Patience Jonathan by Onyema Dike

On the surface, these two women couldn’t be more different. One is from the south while the other is from the north. One is married to a PDP president and the other is married to an APC president.
But look closer and you will see that Aisha Buhari has a lot in common with Patience Jonathan.

Dame Patience and Aisha Buhari


  1. The two suffer from foot in mouth disease: Remember the laugh we all had at Patience Jonathan’s expense from ‘Dia ris God’ to ‘stone them if they ask for change’. Well, Aisha Buhari looks like she might be faux pas prone too. Remember her Benin women are prostitutes gaffe?
  2. They both like the attraction of the limelight. Since Maryam Babangida raised the First Lady bar, the wives of Nigerian presidents have not held back. Turai Yaradua retains the trophy for the first lady who gave out the most daughters to husbands while occupying the first lady position but this is about Dame Pay and Aisha. Patience loved the microphone and the camera. She loved the microphone so much she even wrestled it from Governor Amaechi right before the cameras. Yes she did. Well, Aisha seems fascinated by the limelight and camera too. Anyone remember that selfie with Wale Tinubu and now the wristwatch that is breaking the internet?
  3. Dame Patience caused a lot of trouble for GEJ but while her own issue had to do with what she said and how she said it. Aisha is already causing trouble for her husband but not through what she is saying but what she is doing. First she took a flight in a helicopter, sat too close we heard to another man, took a selfie and now we hear she was spotted wearing a wrist watch that cost as much as the annual salary of a small SME.
  4. They are both married to Presidents of Nigeria, two men who don’t talk much.
  5. Many people believe that Patience Jonathan contributed to GEJ’s failure to return for a second term and now those same people are saying that Aisha Buhari might become the Achilles heel of PMB if she doesn’t watch her conduct and association.

Time will tell.


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