March 24, 2019

5 Ways To Break Up With Your Partner

5 Ways To Break Up With Your Partner

Getting into a relationship and maintaining it is not a walk in the park. As you get to hang out, you like who they are and their reaction to different situations. You might come across some of their habits that you dislike but brush aside and concentrate on the good bits in them that make us happy.

In some cases, however, the dislike for their habits may break ones interest and they consider ending the relationship all together. Other times, partners have been found to grow apart naturally due to difference in opinions, distance and career choices among others

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While most break ups are bitter, sometimes you want to leave someone, not because they are bad or they have wronged you, but because the both of you no longer share interests and goals.

Here are easy ways you can end it without hurting anyone:


Break up in person

For whatever reason you are breaking up with your better half, be sure to let them know in person. Sending them a text message or breaking up with them via friends or family causes more damage than good. You have met them before and had fun with them, what is that last one-on-one interaction compared to the many you have had.

Express mutual benefit

Your ex will have more respect for you if you show them how good the break up is for both of you. To do this, you need to take time and explain to them why you need to go separate ways, quoting the big reason behind the breakup. Let them know if they won’t have to travel long to see you, that is if distance was the major cause of strain.

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Be honest

Honesty has been known to make even the hardest of situations be easier. You need to let your partner know why you are breaking up with them. It hurts them when you suddenly stop talking to them without explanations. When breaking up, let your partner know factors that led to your decision.

Choose an appropriate location

Over the period when you two dated, you had specific places you preferred to hang out. You had your privacy away from your friends and family. When it comes to breaking up, choose such places away from prying eyes and ears as this is part of what the both of you had. Breaking up in public leaves your ‘new ex’ feeling worse and exposed.

Take responsibility

Your soon to be ex may not be a good person but they didn’t call for the break up, you did. When having this conversation, own the break up, and do not pile it up on them. Your partner will feel bad enough about the breakup without having to feel bad about being responsible for it. Whatever reason you give for leaving them, make sure it is on you and it shows how it led to your choices.

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