March 20, 2019



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Qudus Aderemi Onikeku. Internationally acclaimed dancer

Tade Ipadeola. Award winning poet

Charles Novia. Filmmaker

Toni Kan. Writerpreneur

Aduke. Musician

Wana Udobang. Broadcaster/Writer

Molara Wood. Editor/Writer

Segun Adefila. god of theatre


And the list goes on as the host of #MyLagosStory, Joy Isi Bewaji brings together lovers and creators of art in a concert #ThisArtIsEnough on December 6, 2014 at Terra Kulture.


#ThisArtIsEnough will have 50 performances of art across forms. While some will be performing their brilliant works, other will be sharing from literature that changed their lives, or just made them smile.


#ThisArtIsEnough will begin at 3pm prompt and will be hosted by essayist Oris Aigbokhaevbolo and Bukola Oye. The event is free.


Joy Isi Bewaji is the author of Eko Dialogue, a collection of short stories that has been interpreted on stage by The Crowne Troupe of Nigeria. She is an editor, publicist, media entrepreneur and has a strong presence on TV, radio and social media where her daily Facebook rants continue to propel conversations on issues ranging from religion to relationships to the state of the nation.

Her second book What Pain May Bring will be available at the event.

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