#StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh: Girls protest to wear their natural hair at school

#StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh: Girls protest to wear their natural hair at school

Where the blue of heaven is deepest. Every person who attended Pretoria High School for Girls knows the opening to the school song. But for many, myself included, PHSG became a version of hell on earth.

On Saturday the 27th of August, Pretoria High School for Girls held its annual Spring Fair, where members of the public are encouraged to attend and spend time at the dolled-up school, eating food and playing games while the students work at the stalls and rides brought in specially for the day. It usually goes quite smoothly and brings in funds for the school. However, this year, Spring Fair saw protest action.

A group of young students had organised a silent march around the school to protest against rules and regulations on the hair of black students. The march was organised as a reaction against weeks of administrative interference in students’ lives. Marchers stated that in prior weeks, other incidents involving black girls’ hair and allegedly racist and inappropriate comments by teachers created an increasing frustration among the students.

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During a civvies day last week, a group of students wearing all-black clothing and doeks were surrounded by school guards during an outdoor assembly, because their clothing was regarded as “politically motivated.” At the Fair itself, there was a large number of armed police and a K9 unit, which have never been present before. Read more 


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